mnoGoSearch review

mnoGoSearch  is a open source search engine primary for webpages/intranets. It can be hard to install, and if you need to index documents in propertarian formats like .doc, pdf, xls etc you will have to find, download and compile converters from 3-party’s. All administration is done from the command line by running programs and edit configuration files.

You should probably be an experienced Linux administrator if you want to try this.

You can try a demo of mnoGoSearch online here.

Search result page

The result page is quit basic, and maybe a little to noisy.

mnoGoSearch search results

Hits has a title or file name at the top, three lines of hillited text extract and then the url at the bottom. There is also some meta info like size, data and mime type.

mnoGoSearch search results v2


All administration i done from the command line.

Installation notes

  • I have been unable to get the rpm version to work on CentOs 6.1. Hade to instal from source.
  • Got a ” mysql_stmt_execute() failed: Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes” when running the indexer. Had to manually increase max_allowed_packet in MySQL config file /etc/my.cfg .
  • You have to download an build programs to convert .doc, pdf, xls etc form 3-partys.