Searchdaimon ES review

Searchdaimon ES is a enterprise search engine that comes as a virtual appliance (to be run on VMware, Xen, Virtualbox etc),  hardware appliance or installed on own dedicated server. It is one of the few that supports Microsoft Active Directory and ACL based security.

You can try a demo of Searchdaimon ES online here.

Search result page

Searchdaimon ES has a classic looking search result page.

Searchdaimon main search

Most hits has a titel, two lines of hillited text extract and some meta data on the bottom.

Searchdaimon exsample serp


Searchdaimon ES has a good web based administration interface. The administrator interface has some innovative functions like the possibility to write and modify the source code for connectors directly in the gui.

Overview of data sources

Searchdaimon main admin interface

Setting up a new crawl

Searchdaimon setting up a new onnector

End user statistics

Example on editing source code for a connector

Log of end user queries

Searchdaimon log of end users querys

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