Search engines in the works

Currently I have htdigOpenSearchServer, Xapian Omega, Constellio and Flax on the list of search engines to consider. The Oracle Secure Enterprise Search also looks promising, wholesale jerseys but cheap nfl jerseys there may be some license wholesale mlb jerseys restrictions that The prevent me from using the downloadable demo to cheap jerseys creating a public абдоминальный demo.

If anyone know about any other enterprise search engines that can be setup for free, don’t hesitate to drop my a Price line on runarb [at] gmail wholesale nba jerseys [dot] com .

3 thoughts on “Search engines in the works

  1. We don’t have a ‘packaged’ search engine at Flax, apart from Flax (very) Basic – which is a more of a demonstrator really. Let me know if you need help setting up Xapian Omega or a Lucene/Solr powered search though. You could also try LucidWorks Enterprise but would need to check the licensing – I can ask Lucid if you like.

  2. Apache Solr has been improved. The included examples allow for indexing of almost every binary format and the “browse” example shows a search page with snippet, highlighting, facets,…

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